I’ve neglected this blog for a bit I admit! Lots has gone on so I’ll summarise what’s been going on since August.

  • Australia: I returned from my trip to Australia in late August – sadly I hadn’t had much luck finding industry specific work in Melbourne and had to take the difficult decision to cut it short in order to not get myself into too deep a financial pickle! I did take the spare time I had to get MCSA certified however.

    Going to Australia was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made, it was wonderful being amongst people who are so productive, optimistic and well-meaning. I’ve certainly made friends for life out there and hope I have the opportunity to return there before too long. I’m currently in Exeter for the moment – not entirely sure what my next moves will be.

  • Sundown 2013/2014: Sundown 2013 was pretty successful – behind the scenes there was a lot of chaos due to issues we were having getting the party infrastructure up. Our network was solid but we struggled to get the PartyMeister intranet running due to issues with hardware, not to mention the massive road delays meaning equipment and staff were very late. Lessons are often learned at the coal face so next year we’re going to aim to get the intranet up the day before – perhaps a “soft party” set up at the Switch offices the day before.

    Sundown 2014 is occurring at the earlier dates of 20th-22nd June 2014. Kris Sum will be in place to inherit some of the intranet responsibility, giving dotwaffle a well deserved year off (although he will be around to help out with any issues that may occur, which is nice!).

    Also, for those who are curious, TP-Link access points crap out after 15 connections – we were saved by dotwaffle’s OpenMesh solution. Do not underestimate how quickly wireless connections can be used up – a visitor with a tablet, phone and laptop will use 1/5th of your total TP-Link AP capacity. Kris from Switch has an excellent blog post about Sundown here.

  • Demoscene Pub Meets: A Midlands pub meet took place on the 19th of October and had a pretty good turn out (rc55, psonice, pup, megmeg, df, doz) – it wasn’t especially well publicised though.

    A London pub meet is planned for the 22nd November and already has 16 people planning to come.
    Facebook event page
    ukdemoscene.org forum

  • Revision 2014 trip: Early days however a number of us are planning to go to the as yet unannounced Revision 2014. I’m planning to fly from London Heathrow to Frankfurt Main with BA, who are surprisingly cheaper than RyanAir at this time. If you’re planning on going, or want to join us with hotel bookings / shared transport, pop a message on the ukdemoscene forum.
  • Unannounced Game / Developer Event: I’ve currently booked the Budleigh Hall for a date late in October 2014 for an event I haven’t yet planned. Essentially what I’m aiming for is to create a non-commercial event for either Indie game developers, or retro game developers to attend. I don’t want it to be a LAN party, Expo, or focused on people bringing old hardware sat on tables sat on their start-up screens (or playing classic games either); what I’m aiming for is a more creative event that encourages new development (even on old platforms) as opposed to just nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. I want to capture the lassez-faire nature of Sundown and extend the philosophy to a new audience – the goal is to create an event where games developers on platforms old and new can kick back and have a great weekend – heavily social and full of good entertainment. Producing the event itself will be a challenge, so I’m going to be working with Heavy Stylus of RGCD to work on how to develop this idea further.
  • Podcast Biz: I’m still doing podcast hosting for Gareth Emery, John B and John 00 Fleming. I’ve recently created a podcast management system for LA based Christopher Lawrence, as well as performed vigorous optimisation and fixes on his web site which was a mega fun project to work on. I hope to get a site up soon detailing the services I offer – I’m just struggling to get a decent brand name. I registered the domain “stereotopic.com”, however I do wonder if that will be confused with “stereoscopic” or whatever. Let me know if I’m over-thinking it!