While I’m the current situation of having one ear not working at peak condition and the other being totally fine, I figured I could have some fun and make an unscientific demonstration of how bad one ear is compared to the other by using a multiband EQ and a bright sound sample in Renoise.

I took a sample from a Ben Gold track called “Where Life Takes Us” and listened to it through speakers with varying EQ settings until one ear could reliably tell the difference and the other couldn’t.

Essentially I’m getting a high frequency cut off at the upper end of my hearing, and certainly music isn’t as vibrant, things feel much less detailed.


Here’s a demo of what I hear – the first four beats are unfiltered (good!), and the next four are what my left ear currently hears (bad!). My left ear cannot perceive any difference throughout the entire piece where as my newly cleaned and unblocked right ear can:

Click here to listen to the sample – please use good speakers or headphones!

Disclaimer: This is so unscientific it is unreal – a proper test should be done with suitable (expensive) headphones in a silent room and subject to ABX double-blind testing to ensure no bias is incurred. This accounts mostly for frequency response and not overall perceived difference in volume – that’s way out the scope of this demo!