I haven’t lost the blog mojo… I’ve just a little change in circumstances so I’m preparing for an all out job hunt in Melbourne!

Speaking to recruiters in early May was a bit disheartening – according to them, most positions that come up get around 70 applicants so it’s a real fight to get work locally – and I don’t want to go home in a hurry…

I’ve formulated a plan that I’m working on that will hopefully work out, here’s my idea:

  • Get Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certified. (done!)
  • Get a decent web-site template from Themeforest.
  • Use a sub-domain of ruairi.me to host a browse-able version of the CV on-line.
  • Offer a PDF and DOC download of the CV.
  •  Have a contact form on the page.

That’s all pretty standard, eh? How about this:

  • Add a thorough case study section to the CV site.
  • Get references and testimonials.
  • Promote the CV on Twitter and Facebook via friends.
  • Create an informal landing page thanking people for looking and solicit advice or people to contact.
  • Use this in conjunction with the usual recruitment places like Seek.com.au.
  • Create some kind of job tracking spreadsheet in Google Docs. (I’ll probably share this!).

There is the concern that asking friends to help out may be a little disingenuous… I personally think if approached in the right way it may work out as I rarely try to pull any kind of Farmville style stunts!

Hopefully I’ll get it all finished tomorrow and start hitting the agencies soon. Of course, I’ll keep you posted! 🙂